Game designer with rare multidisciplinary skill set – capable of taking visionary experiences from prototype to final product.

Respawn Entertainment

Sep 2017 - Present

Game Designer | Apex Legends

I was initially hired for a different project that pivoted into becoming Apex Legends. I worked on the more visually demanding aspects of the game, given my ability to single-handedly prototype, script, art, and in some cases animate the final product.

Infinity ward

May 2015 - Sep 2017

Game Designer | Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

I was assigned to the levels that take place on the Retribution, the spaceship that the player returns to between missions. Originally hired as a geometry builder, I quickly taught myself the scripting language with almost no prior experience in programming, becoming a generalist designer capable of completing the most demanding tasks. This led to me being promoted to a mission team lead on Modern Warfare, consisting of 4 designers, 3 levels, and pitching directly to the Infinity Ward studio head and ATVI marketing executives.

Ready At Dawn

APR 2012 - APR 2015

Level Designer | The Order: 1886

I was the level designer for chapter 1 (Mayfair), and chapters 3-4 (Whitechapel). I built the block-outs for each section in Maya and communicated my gameplay intent with our combat designer, who then implemented gameplay along with scripters. As AI was in an unplayable state for most of the project, my level layouts had to take a best guess at what combat would feel like. As development progressed, certain sections of my levels would get reconfigured to accommodate cinematics, which demanded quick problem solving since production demanded that areas be art-locked early on.

Id Software

Jun 2010 - Apr 2012

Level Designer | Doom 4 (Unreleased Version) | RAGE DLC

I started at id Software as a multiplayer level designer for the iteration of Doom 4 that never shipped. Eventually I switched teams to work on single-player RAGE downloadable content, where I took the geometry to final art and did my own lighting.

Walt Disney Feature Animation

Sep 2008 - Mar 2009

Hand-Drawn Animation Apprentice

Completed various animation tests under the mentorship of Andreas Deja.